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members are saying

“Jeez la weez this product tastes incredible. I've had a lot of CBD tinctures that the taste just wasn't very enjoyable until I found Altruist. Their product literally tastes exactly like a creamsicle and is one of the healthiest ingredient lists I have seen on the market. I feel relaxed but clear when taking about 100mg at a time.”

~Michael Nield~

28 Jun 2021

"I’ve been taking this CBD morning and night for a few months now mostly to help with anxiety. I definitely feel more focused and relaxed. Makes it easier to tackle that to-do list and not get over whelmed or feel defeated. Also helps me be more present in my daily interactions with others!"

~Elena Espinoza~

18 Jun 2012

"I truly am enjoying this tincture A LOT. I take it daily in a cup of coffee or a smoothie in the morning. It has helped my gut health so much especially when I am consistent with taking it. It also does a great job keeping me level headed throughout the day. I also take it at night sometimes for sleep and it’s done a great job keeping me asleep throughout the night!


28 May 2021